Truck Delivery

Heutz Premium Pellet Systems, Inc. offers free delivery within Central and Southern Maine areas. Bulk pellet deliveries (not bagged pellets) are available for everyone, whether or not you have a Heutz Premium Pellet Systems boiler or PelleStore. If you are unsure if your location is within our delivery area please give us a call.

Pellets are delivered by truck using a pneumatic delivery system and sold by delivered weight, as recorded by the truck's on-board weighing system.

Pellet prices are based on bulk delivery within our delivery area. Payment is due at time of delivery. Some prices are discounted by volume. Please call us for current pricing.

Call us locally at 782-3171 or Toll Free 800-261-3171 for more information or to arrange deliveries.

Bulk Pick-Up

You will soon be able to pick up bulk pellets at our facility!

Do you want to save a few dollars on pellets? Heutz Pellet Systems will soon be installing a silo system to meet your needs. Just drive up and we'll load it for you.

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