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Heutz Premium Pellet Systems is proud to offer both fully-automated and partially-automated home burner and boiler equipment for your new construction, or as a replacement for your existing home oil burner system. These burner/boiler systems are all UL approved appliances from leading pellet equipment manufacturers. Our technicians are all factory trained and state licensed to work on this equipment.

OkoFEN Forced Hot Water Pellet Boilers

OkoFEN of Austria produces the premier automatic pellet boiler and fuel storage systems in the world today. The OkoFEN systems evolved in the highly demanding European market over the past 12 years. There are presently over 27,000 units installed in 13 countries.

OkoFEN Pellet Boilers are fully automatic pellet boilers for forced hot water heating and domestic hot water production. The system includes bulk pellet storage, feed equipment, and automatic cleaning that requires minimal owner effort. This system is suited for home or building owners who are ready to make the complete break from oil.

The OkoFEN product line has an extraordinary range of boiler heat output levels, from 11,500 to 764,500 Btu per hour. OkoFENS are able to handle heating needs ranging from small houses up to 40,000 square foot commercial buildings.


  • Self-feeding high capacity pellet storage
  • Continuous burner adjustment for optimum performance
  • Automatic ash removal
  • Reduced heating costs, efficient output, and greatly reduced carbon footprints
  • Integration with existing systems possible

Pellergy-Burnham Boilers

HEUTZ Premium Pellet Systems has been working with Pellergy LLC and Burnham Boilers. Pellergy wood pellet burner systems have been extensively tested with the Burnham MPO series of boiler in both residential and commercial applications. These high efficiency, triple pass boilers are designed to burn fewer pellets. The hinged front door makes cleaning the Burnham MPO easy and fast. Burnham MPO boilers and Pellergy wood pellet burners is a combination heating system that is 100% made in the USA.

Janfire Pellet Burners

This pellet burner is manufactured by Janfire, a Swedish company. The Janfire has one of the longest maintenance cycles of any pellet burner currently on the market. When using premium or super premium pellets, ash production is modest. Ash removal intervals vary with pellet characteristics and quantity burned. High quality pellets without contamination from non-combustible inorganic material, such as silica, produce fine, powdery ash at 1% or less of the volume of pellets burned. The ash is composed primarily of minerals left behind when the wood burns and is a fine nutrient for gardens and lawns.

The burner's automatic self-cleaning and rapid restart make for effective domestic hot water production. View the pellet burner in action.


  • Automatic burning chamber cleaning
  • Touch button control panel for optimizing performance
  • Automatic ignition
  • Very high burn efficiency due to precise auger feed of pellets
  • Burning chamber design that ensures complete fuel combustion
  • Designed for extremely easy cleaning


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